Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pouring concrete and Potty training... Part Two

Sorry it took me so long for part two, we are about to have a busy weekend and we are trying to make the house presentable, 
somehow being under a deadline helps Tom and I both to get the little things done around here.

This weekend we have Father's Day of course, and then we have a special birthday.
Daniel is leaving babyhood behind, and turning one.
 I am in denial.
And having a party without his best buddy AJ who left him to go to Florida,
(He won't forgive you... just so you know.... Lucky for you he's got a short memory.)

 So I've got lots to do and less time to do it in!
Quickly I will show you the patio and then I will get away from this darn computer and clean something!!!
right after I check facebook.....

The chimney still needs a few more bricks, but we are mostly "done" 
So here is the patio... we went from this

to this....

Soon there will be grass, I am not a patient person so its gonna be a long couple weeks for me.
First thing we did once the cement was dry was buy the tent... there is no shade on the patio yet.
We planted some maple trees two summers ago but it will still be a while before they are big enough to help with the heat.
But at night its the perfect place to relax.
When Tom showed me these lights I thought they were gaudy and  much too big.....
I am eating my words.
They are perfect.
But this might be the best part of all...

the kids now have a place to ride bikes...
and that makes them sleepy..
and I love me some nap time.

Ok so now I must go get ready for the fun crazy, busy, weekend ahead.
I'm going to soak up my last day with this little eleven month old.... make it last as long as I can.

In between shopping and cleaning and making sure this one doesn't pee in his "Buzzy" underpants.
Or "make wocks" as he calls it....

and making sure this one doesn't join the circus, or become a blue's brother.

They get weirder everyday... she want's to brush her teeth constantly now...
When I was a kid brushing my teeth was like torture.
Oh well.... at least they are clean... really clean.

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Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! i can't believe how much has happened since i left....and thanks for the guilt trip! :( he is soooo gorgeous in that last pic! and Tommy has grown so much and now with big boy underwear? boo hoo hoo! :(
and Bella is even more beautiful than she was 2 weeks's tearing me up not to hold my baby on his birthday, but i'll make it up to him when i get home! YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE DANIEL!! I LOVE YOU BIG MUCH!! <3
and for everyone reading this..DARE TO BE A DANIEL!!! it's almost impossible! The fireplace and patio are out of this world beautiful...and what a great place for the kids to ride...they'll never want to leave home now, with their tree castle and new patio! GREAT JOB TOM & POODIE!!! XOXOXO AJ