Monday, June 14, 2010

Pouring concrete and Potty training... Part One.

Where have I been? Well mostly potty training.
And its going really well!
But that is for tomorrow. Tonight it's about another of Tom's projects nearing completion... Thank you Lord!

This is pretty much what our back yard looked like when we moved in.
This is the view from the back porch.
The previous owners had a pool here. See that pile of brick... remember it
I thought it was going to sit up there forever, and luckily I was very wrong.

This is what Tom has been doing over the last two years
A just barely two year old Bella going for a ride with Daddy. And our sweet Sheba *sniff*

That is Tommy I'm holding there... not Daniel, that is how long this has been going on! He was probably 7 months old.
Footer is finally level with the ground, it was about five feet down... so much work.

We were so excited to finally see bricks going in! 
And finally the wall and fireplace were done and it was time for concrete!
Here is Tommy watching Grandpa run the machines, he love the dump truck full of gravel.
Grandpa is now equal to Chuck Norris in his book
Three of Tom's brother's and his Dad came to help us, Thank you times a million guys!
p.s. Love the boots :)
I'm so excited to have the patio done, I have no word... or pictures, 
The neighbors stopped by tonight while we were putting out furniture so I didn't get any before dark!
So... to be continued tomorrow!
Plus more about potty training and the everyday stuff.....

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Anonymous said...

OMGoodness....that is going to be and probably already is GORGEOUS!! can't believe how much has been done since i've been away!!

and Tommy looks so grown up now! GEEEZE LOUISE...i haven't been gone that long and he's potty trained and looks like a "big" boy for sure now! :(

those guys really look like they worked very hard!! such a great job and so what if it took 3 have plenty of time to make good use of it!!

Love you all, and keep up the good work....Pouring cement and potty training were a huge success! :)