Friday, June 18, 2010

Daniel Elijah

About one year ago...
This was me on the morning of June 19th. 
This was my third child but it was the first time I'd ever gone into labor on my own.

Just a few hours later we met Daniel.
He was loud...and he still is, hands down, our most vocal baby.
It is amazing to me that this little boy who has become as familiar to me as my own heartbeat was not yet in my arms a year ago.

How is it that life before him seems hazy and kind of unreal?
Why does it not seem possible that we have only held him for a year?
How can we love so deeply, and so instantly.... and still continue to function?

It's like that with each child you add to the family, from the moment you find out your expecting something changes and will never be the same.
The greatest miracle in this whole parenthood thing to me is the fact that even with all the pain
both physical and emotional, 
with all the fears for them and ourselves, 
with the assurance that one day the children who are a part of you 
who you have given yourself to everyday
will leave you and start a life on their own...

We still do it.
Joyfully, willingly, repeatedly...
We step onto the path of motherhood with shaking hands, from both fear and excitement.

The highest highs and the lowest lows, that is how my mother describes it.
So far, thank God, this year has had way more highs than lows....
Hopefully sometime soon I'll get a chance to write the story of Daniels dramatic entrance into this world.
Or rather the dramatic week that followed.
that was a low... but God taught me so much through that time.

 For today, Happy almost Birthday to my littlest little one.
I love you more than words can say, 
I'll love you longer than anyone can fathom, 
I can't wait to see the beautiful person you will become.

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Sarah said...

I LOVE looking at your pictures Laura! They are really touching and great. Your family is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to little Daniel!