Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Older the Fiddler, The Sweeter the Tune.

Its Birthday time again.
He really loved the cake, he was just mad that it was all gone....I can relate buddy...

We had a great time on Daniel's birthday, except for the fact that it was like a monsoon for the first two hours,
I'm not kidding, I had to let people borrow clothes and put their stuff in the dryer.
otherwise, lots of fun....
and mud... 
this is Tom trying to direct the water that was creating a swimming pool in front of our porch.
Notice the happy birthday banner on the tent was also destroyed.
That was Tommy's when he was a baby... 
I can't talk about it yet....
I learned something new about my husband...
He can make balloon animals....
 *crickets chirping*

there is no punch line, 
I'm serious....
It makes me wonder what else I don't know after five years of marriage???

Should I just assume I will never know everything???

Is he capable of doing anything the children or I ask of him???
It's starting to look that way.....

oh wait... 
nevermind, one thing he can't do.....he is never on time for anything!

Do I seem as bitter as I feel?
I feel like if anymore hidden talents come to light I'm going to develop and inferiority complex....
who am I kidding I think I already have one.
This is a tough act to follow people.
They already love him more simply because he is around less...
and therefore he yells less...
But now I have to learn party tricks to keep up with him?

Of course I'm kidding..... mostly.

Anyway... Ten days after Daniels Birthday, and today is mine.
I am 27... which is starting to "feel" old... maybe because I can see thirty over the horizon...
Maybe because I'm finally entering that magical time everyone said would come.... 
the time were I don't really care anymore what most people think.... 
of anything.....
Maybe this seems silly but I used to care a lot... a whole lot.
I still do but not like I did.
The vanity of the teenage years is fading, replaced by a quiet comfortableness.
The vagueness of the future,
the millions of ideas and the excitement over every new thing is replaced by consistency and a realization of what is going to make me happy.... 
what is lasting, 
what truly matters.
Like a morning dream,
life becomes more and more bright the longer we live, 
and the reason of everything appears more clear.
- Jean Paul Richter

Friday, June 25, 2010

And Then There Were Four!

I've been sleepy lately, exhausted is more like it.
I cannot keep my eye's open in the morning.
And I fall into bed earlier and earlier each day.
I am constantly ravenously hungry, but nothing really sounds appealing.
And then I eat one bite to much and I feel instantly nauseated.
I am misplacing everything.
Including my husbands keys...
sorry again babe...
I have no energy to write even though I have lots to say and lots of cute pictures to post.
And if I were to write about anything important I would probably end up putting my foot in my mouth.
My hormones are raging, I am constantly crying about everything, both happy and sad.
For example Tom did the dishes the other night when I was showering and I was so grateful that I cried.
and its not like he doesn't help... he does... a lot.... I am just nuts....


Have you figured it out yet?

yep... I am pregnant!

We are hoping and praying that there will be a healthy little bundle in our arms in February.
Would you pray for that with us?
Now that we have lost a baby its hard not to be nervous about it happening again.
And we are very early, we have not yet heard a heartbeat.
I realize that most people don't like to tell anyone until they are reassured that everything is fine.
But I don't see the point, I'm an open book. If I think something then chances are I say it too.
Even if I wanted to keep it a secret its way obvious to anyone who knows me...
I become like another person....
see above symptoms.

We have a doctors appointment to hear the little ones heartbeat at the end of July.
I've got a million thoughts in my head but for now I'll stop here.
If you pray, then pray for our little one to grow and be strong.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daniel Elijah

About one year ago...
This was me on the morning of June 19th. 
This was my third child but it was the first time I'd ever gone into labor on my own.

Just a few hours later we met Daniel.
He was loud...and he still is, hands down, our most vocal baby.
It is amazing to me that this little boy who has become as familiar to me as my own heartbeat was not yet in my arms a year ago.

How is it that life before him seems hazy and kind of unreal?
Why does it not seem possible that we have only held him for a year?
How can we love so deeply, and so instantly.... and still continue to function?

It's like that with each child you add to the family, from the moment you find out your expecting something changes and will never be the same.
The greatest miracle in this whole parenthood thing to me is the fact that even with all the pain
both physical and emotional, 
with all the fears for them and ourselves, 
with the assurance that one day the children who are a part of you 
who you have given yourself to everyday
will leave you and start a life on their own...

We still do it.
Joyfully, willingly, repeatedly...
We step onto the path of motherhood with shaking hands, from both fear and excitement.

The highest highs and the lowest lows, that is how my mother describes it.
So far, thank God, this year has had way more highs than lows....
Hopefully sometime soon I'll get a chance to write the story of Daniels dramatic entrance into this world.
Or rather the dramatic week that followed.
that was a low... but God taught me so much through that time.

 For today, Happy almost Birthday to my littlest little one.
I love you more than words can say, 
I'll love you longer than anyone can fathom, 
I can't wait to see the beautiful person you will become.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pouring concrete and Potty training... Part Two

Sorry it took me so long for part two, we are about to have a busy weekend and we are trying to make the house presentable, 
somehow being under a deadline helps Tom and I both to get the little things done around here.

This weekend we have Father's Day of course, and then we have a special birthday.
Daniel is leaving babyhood behind, and turning one.
 I am in denial.
And having a party without his best buddy AJ who left him to go to Florida,
(He won't forgive you... just so you know.... Lucky for you he's got a short memory.)

 So I've got lots to do and less time to do it in!
Quickly I will show you the patio and then I will get away from this darn computer and clean something!!!
right after I check facebook.....

The chimney still needs a few more bricks, but we are mostly "done" 
So here is the patio... we went from this

to this....

Soon there will be grass, I am not a patient person so its gonna be a long couple weeks for me.
First thing we did once the cement was dry was buy the tent... there is no shade on the patio yet.
We planted some maple trees two summers ago but it will still be a while before they are big enough to help with the heat.
But at night its the perfect place to relax.
When Tom showed me these lights I thought they were gaudy and  much too big.....
I am eating my words.
They are perfect.
But this might be the best part of all...

the kids now have a place to ride bikes...
and that makes them sleepy..
and I love me some nap time.

Ok so now I must go get ready for the fun crazy, busy, weekend ahead.
I'm going to soak up my last day with this little eleven month old.... make it last as long as I can.

In between shopping and cleaning and making sure this one doesn't pee in his "Buzzy" underpants.
Or "make wocks" as he calls it....

and making sure this one doesn't join the circus, or become a blue's brother.

They get weirder everyday... she want's to brush her teeth constantly now...
When I was a kid brushing my teeth was like torture.
Oh well.... at least they are clean... really clean.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pouring concrete and Potty training... Part One.

Where have I been? Well mostly potty training.
And its going really well!
But that is for tomorrow. Tonight it's about another of Tom's projects nearing completion... Thank you Lord!

This is pretty much what our back yard looked like when we moved in.
This is the view from the back porch.
The previous owners had a pool here. See that pile of brick... remember it
I thought it was going to sit up there forever, and luckily I was very wrong.

This is what Tom has been doing over the last two years
A just barely two year old Bella going for a ride with Daddy. And our sweet Sheba *sniff*

That is Tommy I'm holding there... not Daniel, that is how long this has been going on! He was probably 7 months old.
Footer is finally level with the ground, it was about five feet down... so much work.

We were so excited to finally see bricks going in! 
And finally the wall and fireplace were done and it was time for concrete!
Here is Tommy watching Grandpa run the machines, he love the dump truck full of gravel.
Grandpa is now equal to Chuck Norris in his book
Three of Tom's brother's and his Dad came to help us, Thank you times a million guys!
p.s. Love the boots :)
I'm so excited to have the patio done, I have no word... or pictures, 
The neighbors stopped by tonight while we were putting out furniture so I didn't get any before dark!
So... to be continued tomorrow!
Plus more about potty training and the everyday stuff.....