Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life Lately

I want to get back to happy things.. hold on to your hats, I have some catching up to do.
The above photo was taken after a last minute shopping trip with daddy, 
they were getting my mothers day gifts.
 a giant pop-up, musical card... it plays "You are my Sunshine".... perfect....
I also got, willow tree figurines, jewelry, hanging baskets, and a sign for my wall....
I saw this on another blog a long time ago and Tom remembered that I liked it when he saw it in Target.

I love Target... and I love Tom.

And it really does help me relax.
It was a print that was on the subway walls in London during world war two.
When things get chaotic (as they have a tendency to do) I remember that no one is dropping bombs on me
so it is a good day.
Its funny... its serious... its a good reminder to stop whining, put down the chocolate and carry on.

Here is the hottest guy ever best daddy ever helping them plant some of the flowers that Nana "helped" them buy me.
she drove, she paid... but Bella picked.
I'm pretty sure they just wanted a reason to use the watering can's she got them for Easter.
 I have no reason to show you this... I have No idea what she is doing... but it makes me giggle.
I think she thinks she is being feminine.
What? what's so funny?

Then there was worship practice, Tom doesn't usually do it so it was a treat for the kids
and me... I love when he plays guitar.
Tommy really was happy most of the time.
and Daniel spent time practicing climbing stairs.... 
this was about as far as he got, but he entertained himself for a long time.

And last but not least Isabella had the honor of being a flower girl this weekend.
This was the rehearsal.
Her Aunt Kristin was the maid of honor.
Aren't they gorgeous!?

Ok, more wedding pics later... gotta get ready for the big anniversary weekend! 
Five years of wedded bliss on Friday!


Anonymous said...

great pictures....great life ...treasure these times...i m not being morbid...i m quite happy .....but you are in a special time....and i know you know that :)


Julie said...

Do you have any idea how WEIRD it is that you have been married for 5!!! years? Weren't we Bella's age yesterday??