Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Last Resort

It's Hot,
It's Sunny,
 It's Summer!!!

It is official now that the kids have been in the sprinkler.
We don't go by the calender here.... we go by what we feel.
And what we felt yesterday was the need for a cool down.

This is the funnest sprinkler ever.... thanks Uncle Duck and Aunt Linda!

Please ignore my outfit, I have yet to get figure out if my old bathing suit fits or not... 
I cringe just thinking about bathing suit shopping

This was Daniel's first time in the baby pool, he loved it for about twenty minutes, and then he was just super mad about being wet, I could not change him fast enough in his opinion.

And yes my mom and dad do have an in-ground pool, but it is too cold for the kids just yet...
me too for that matter.
If you would like to make a donation for a heater we will give you a free summer pass!
Any takers?

Here is my incredibly talented, mind bendingly artistic, beautiful baby sister Julie.
She is really very very talented as an artist...
But this was not her most challenging project ever. She was painting the sign we put by the pool.
Sorry Juls, not you most inspired work.... very pretty though
I fact why stop here?
I've decided that mom should put Julie in charge of spicing up the outdoor area a bit this year.
Colored lanterns, Funky pillow, cool artwork...
What do you think?

When someone refered to it as "Julie's sign" my dad quickly reminded us all that he made it... 
So here you go daddy, I'm giving you credit.
You took a rundown little house, 
polished it till it shined,
made room for us all to have anything we could ever want,
Made us a play house, 
put us in a pool,
built beautiful furniture,
and to this day you keep it all looking pristine.
But you also made this little sign in a few hours one afternoon... 
and its cute...
Thank you.

Feel better?

I think we may have over stayed our welcome.
Pappy looks worn out :)

And so do these two.
Come on guys perk up! 
It's only the first day... three more months of exhausting water, sun and fun to survive!


Anonymous said...

that about sums it up...exhausting...but i wouldn t change a thing :)

Jeanne said...

okay, so i wasn't there for this festive occaision....but i was there today....and Tommy and i had a super soaker blast!! we must have squirted that thing for an hour! we were making it rain...and he loved it....i didn't mind much either!! those kids are gonna be a hoot in the pool this summer...i think Tommy & Daniel will be my next two "little dolphins" just like their Mommy and Aunt JuJu and Andrea & Nate....don't think Izzy is feeling it too much quite yet, but we'll go with the flow and see who takes to the water! Gonna be good summer....i'm feeling it! lol