Monday, May 31, 2010

How He Love's Us

The Castle is finished. 
Well, I suspect it will never be truly finished.
There are always improvements to be made.

 Isn't that what make life exciting and beautiful? 
The unknowns, the unexpected additions.

Someday soon Tom will get another idea and run with it. 
And his imagination will be brought to reality 
and our kids will use it to feed their own imaginations 
and make believe wild and wonderful things in this beautiful place that Daddy built for them

 And most important, they will remember that this was made by him just for them
and they will know that they are loved extravagantly.

This is how we should feel about God when we see the sunset, 
or the flowers, 
or any other thing he has created for our pleasure.

 This is a picture of our new neighbors house....a little family of Robins.
The kids don't seem to bother them, they only fly away when an adult climbs up.

The Princess and her subjects survey the kingdom.

 I love how he made it wrap around the tree, when your inside you feel like your really high up.
Like this little tree house may have been here for a hundred years.

 I'm praying that we spend many happy hours here together. 
Having tea parties,
water battles, 
camp outs,
maybe someday even real conversations with our "almost grown up" kids.

Thanks to my sweet husband for creating another beautiful place where we can live life and love each other.

May we never take all our many blessing for granted...
and when we count our blessings we will count you  Daddy,
along with all that you've done for us... and we will never be done counting.

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Anonymous said...

and someday your grandchildren will play there and think it was made for them :)