Monday, May 24, 2010

He is an early bird... in this family that is....

Daniel pulled himself up to standing today!
He just turned eleven months.
He is leading the pack now as far as gross motor skills for children in this family...
Sad I know.

He was so excited to find something that made noise.. he "played" for a good twenty minutes.

Bella walked around 17 months
Tommy around 14 months.
Daniel is well on his way to setting a record for the family!
Go Baby Go!!!

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Jeanne said...

MY BABY!!! who knew he'd break the record??? ME!!! i knew!! lol....but now i'm a little sad, cause when i get back from vacation, he won't want to be held anymore!!! (and i know what you're thinking, so i'll just prepare myself for the announcement) lol

it was bound to happen i know, and he looks so big in these pics....what an exciting moment for him!! i bet he surprised himself!!! and now that he's discovered this bit of energy, he will never "really" crawl (on his knee's), he will just start walking!! bye bye "baby" Daniel...welcome "Dare to be a Daniel" have i mentioned lately how much i LOVE that boy? all of them of course, but right now he's still my baby! Izzy told me the other day again, "'re baby is in the living room" hahaha too darn cute!! xoxo