Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boots and Bravery

Tom has been working on the tree house every day after work.
and it's almost done!

two more posts and he can put up the rest of the railing so they can go up on the platform.
Right now they are allowed to climb up the steps.. which will eventually have a railing.
And go down the slide.
Tommy wanted his Daddy to hold his hand on the way down.
But Daddy said no.... he would catch him.
Tommy was having none of it.... 
he was determined not to go unless someone was holding his hand.

By the way I didn't tell him to wear those boots.
I said "go get your flip flops"
He came back saying....  
"Boots Ma! BOOTS! No fayip fyops" 
I choose my battles... and unless its Sunday morning I don't argue with a two year old about footwear.
He was angry... obviously.... but I'm not spending my summer helping him down a slide.
So since he was to scared to go down by himself the "right" way....
He decided this way was safer... maybe cause he couldn't see where he was going?
Who knows what's going on in his brain.
 He was going Fast!
By the end of the night his poor little knees were bright red and sore... but he couldn't stop smiling.
Here is Isabella... once again, not looking at the camera.
When I do get her to look at the camera she suddenly looks like she has just woken up... 
I hope this is only a phase.
Candid shots are the way to go for now :)
More work tonight maybe, so more pictures later.
Off to make some dinner!

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