Monday, April 26, 2010

Brought to you by The Letter G and the Number 3!

I was having a bit of a rough time on Sunday.
I am overwhelmed by all the things we have going on lately, 
seems like every free moment gets taken up with something... even when it's not work,
parties, picnics, birthday's, weddings, showers.
 I love social things... I just love sitting at home watching my kids play while I'm talking to my husband too.

Also I can never find anything to wear when we have to go out.

So after nap and dinner on Sunday evening Tom sent me to the store alone.
The man knows me (Thank you God for such a husband) ... 
retail therapy is my thing, even if it was just for some milk and bread.
But he wisely told me to look through the clothes as well, get a new top or something.

I have a slight fear of shopping by myself as much as I enjoy it, I always go overboard.
He gives me a twenty and I use the debit card for ten more.
 You know.... there is always just one more thing that will complete me
and make everything right with the world.

A few months ago I bought a couple things to add to some other outfits.
In particular I found an awesome purple cardigan that was on clearance... 
I know it wasn't more than eight bucks.
I really wanted it in green more but that color was still full price at twenty and even I... 
the queen of wasting money... couldn't do it

Now every time I try to get dressed I think of that green cardigan and how it would be perfect with this or that or the next thing, and I regret not buying it.

Last night.... looking through a rack of three dollar stuff, nothing looks too promising.
not just on the rack but in the week ahead...

the weather stinks (no outdoor projects getting done), 

the other car needs fixed (I mean like ten things need fixed all at once),

the kids need to get to the dentist (and my goodness they Hate the dentist),

the dog needs to go to the vet,

the list goes on... and gets deeper and more personal than I can share.
and I get sucked down further into worry and self pity.

God don't you care!? 
I am so tired.... I miss my husband.
Ok... I know you care... but could I get a break please?

My break came right then.... 
One green sweater left, wedged in there where no one could see it.
The green sweater I had to pass up before, now three dollars.

Or twelve quarters...
Or less than a happy meal...
(with none of the irritation of the drive-thru!)

This may seem silly too you, 
It sure seems silly to me.
But for that moment I  knew that God cared and he had shown me in a way only He and I could understand.
I love it when Gods love for me is immediate and personal and silly.
And I love my green sweater too.


Shutterbabies~N~More said...

I love this and see the commonality betwixt the two of us in the simplest ways :O)


Anonymous said...

I m so happy for you..... and God knows you look good in green :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a sweet reminder from Him! And green? Is my favorite color.

(Thank you so much for your kind comment on my recent post. I was kind of blown away by the response... I was just sharing what God put on my heart. Thanks again.)

Laura Lee said...

Chas.. thanks, I never knew you had a blog! you should write :) your pics are great!

Laura Lee said...

Thanks TM, I found you through We are that family. My husband I are planning to do foster care and possibly adoption someday so your thoughts were very insightful for me.
loved it!