Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town

Today we had a play date with Aunt "B" and the boys!
I like saying "Aunt B".... it sounds so Mayberry :)

 AJ and Tommy are three months apart, 

The twins and Isabella are 36 hours apart.
It was a busy two days, especially for my mother in law.

I didn't get a picture of just the three of them today, but here they are just at over a year old.
Just imagine them taller and thinner... the boys have less hair now.... Bella has more, finally.
People always think they are triplets.
 Can't imagine why.

 This was the time out chair... although I don't think this one was in trouble at this particular time.

 parts of the tree house were everywhere.
So we gave them sidewalk chalk, 
made sure all the rusty nails were hammered down, and let them go to town.

"say cheese guys.... TS... quit making that face...."
 "Bella.... look at the camera.... TS! quit making that face!"

 "JACK... Move!!! don't stick out your tongues!!! TS.... Quit making that face!!"
 "oh forget it"
 "I can't get the chalk"

 Notice the forehead.

 Bella is not a climber... but her "boys" are.... TS to the rescue.

 about every five minutes one of them would bring us a "flower"
 She is nearly incapable of looking at the camera.... if you see a shot where she is?
It was most likely an accident. 

 And here is how we did lunch... because we are lazy hard-working mommies who deserve a break!

 twenty-five or so chicken nuggets on a large plate... every man for himself

 lovely sweetheart, very ladylike.

 Oh.... AJ.... no no no.... see his brother? That look is for his mom, he is delighted...
See Tommy? He is shocked.
The twins and AJ, are rough and tumble Boys with a capital B.
Tommy is all boy also... but he is a boy being raised by a big sister.
Hence he is a little neater.

And yes I'm helping raise him but you can give Bella all the credit for his love of dresses and high heels.

Someday he'll be in therapy because of this picture.....
 AJ looks bored doesn't he? His face is cracking me up.

 Here is the aftermath.... we learned something important today, 
they eat much better when there is only one plate.
I'm sure a psychologist could explain it better, but basically I think they were afraid of starvation.
They unconsciously did the math...  
one plate, five of us... I better eat!!!
It was all very discovery channel.
Like when five lions are eating one gazelle.

Yes they have all seen the Lion King.

Oh.... Daniel was here too... eating, sleeping... you know the usual.

 Tickle Tickle!

And since it was a warm one... Popsicle all around!

 ALL around...
on the their legs, 
on the chair, 
on the floor,
Later I found out Jacks hair was dyed pink in spots....
I didn't look to close... it could be chalk... either way.

It was a good day...
we need more days like this one...
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go pass out on my bed.... until Monday....


~Kit said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post! haha A day in the life for sure. :o)

Looking forward to the day when I can add to these great adventures!

Sarah said...

THAT was hysterical! Gotta love kids!