Friday, March 5, 2010

Faith like a Child

The other night Tom was playing with the kids... he is the fun parent in this equation.

Handstands, wrestling matches, hide and seek.... he does it all.
I just do everything else.... anyway....    
They were running in circles around the kitchen when (for some reason) Isabella wants him to jump over her.
So he did, kind of  ' leap frog ' style....
She of course is tickled and says "Do it again!"

He says "I can't! I'm too old, my knees hurt!"

I say "You are getting really old, nearing thirty."  

He muttered something about a divorce...
... just kidding....
Then Isabella says "Don't worry Daddy, when you get old you get to go to heaven!"

Faith like a child....the students have become the teachers, or rather they have always been the teachers!
I've learned more from these kids in the last four years than I ever did in the previous twenty-two.

A few days later Isabella came to me crying about her knees hurting (she calls them her elbows... we are working on it).  I am assuming it was growing pains and I was about to ask if she wanted tylenol when she said "Will you pray for me?".
Wow.... that wouldn't have occurred to me on my own...

So that is child like faith? Going to our heavenly Father first, before we try all the other possible solutions.
How many times could I have saved myself grief, irritation, heartache, worry....if I had just gone to Him first?
In prayer, in His word, in just sitting still for few worship songs in the middle of a bad day.

They are watching us, 
mimicking us,
trying to learn from us everyday.
Little do they know we are learning just as much from them.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh.....i haven't laughed so hard and cried at the same time for a long time!!! girl, you really do need to write a book!!! divorce? elbows/knee's...working on that? too doggone funny!!! oh sides are actually hurting!! but oh what a lesson and what a message to all of us around these kids everywhere....they DO have faith...start them out young believing and they will carry that with them through life!!! WOW..i'm so emotional right now, i could start crying all over again!! thanks for the life lesson for ALL of us, and for "learning" from your babies and sharing it with us!!
p.s......and i'm pretty sure that you are just as much fun, but they see less of him...i think that's the key! xoxoxo AJ

Anonymous said...

that was lovely except for the part about "not learning anything the first 22 years.......why did i sit at the dining room table every night with you :)stlen