Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat Friday

Since July I've been doing Weight Watchers. Most people who know me are well aware of this because I find that it motivates me to keep going when I know that people are watching.

So here are my stats so far:

July 23rd: Started WW> 265.6 pounds (OH LORD did I really just tell you that!? If it makes any difference I was barely one month postpartum...)

Feb 18th: 39 weeks in > 230.0  pounds--- Down -35.6!

I have been fighting the same 5 pounds since New Year's and have finally gotten past it! It feels so good to be moving (consistantly) in the right direction again. My ultimate goal is 180-190. Once I get there I will probably re-evaluate how I look and feel and see if I want to try and lose more. For my height they say the maximum healthy weight is around 175. I have NEVER weighed 175 in my adult life! But who knows. I have been overweight since third grade so maybe my perception is just off.

So 35 pounds down,  about 20 inchs over all. And from a size 22 to a size 18 (which is getting big!)

I still have a long way to go but I know that I'll never have to do it again! This will be the last diet I ever go on, because I won't gain this weight back.
I can't.
The way I was living before was pathetic. I couldn't go up and down the stairs without getting winded! I never wanted to do anything. I was constantly tired. cranky. angry.
My kids, my husband, and of course myself all deserve better.
So since my weigh-in days are Thursdays (and might be changing to Friday) I'm going to try to write about diet and weight loss every Friday!

Last but not least, my favorite part, the Before and After photos! Here is my progress so far...

This is me at the end of June 2009. The top is on my 26th birthday, 10 days after Daniel was born.
 These were taken around the end of September, down 15 pounds. (250 lbs.)

Beginning of November (238ish)

end of November (234)

I will get a current picture for next Friday!

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