Saturday, December 12, 2009

Decorating with Memories

Decorating the Christmas Tree.... with a preschooler, a toddler, a baby, a puppy, and a very tired Daddy.
Tis the season to take some extra Tylenol, grab a Big cup of coffee, and plaster a smile on my face until bedtime.

Daniel, my darling five month old angel was sleeping nearly the whole time, he didn't even make it through putting on the lights before he was seeing visions of sugar plums... on this day he was, hands down, my favorite.

I won't lie like some mothers do... I have a favorite, it just changes day by day, sometimes hour by hour.

Tommy... Tommy two two!!!! He wanted to follow his Dad around the tree in circles as he put on the lights. He unfortunately is not as fast and is easily distracted so he mostly kept tripping Daddy up.

Then he wanted to pick up any and all debris on the floor and hand it to me piece by piece:

"UH OH mama.....ewwww.... UH OH mama ewwww ... UH OOOHHHH..."
and so on.... very very loudly. This was made worse by the fact that our vacuum clogged up about eight times... no joke. Poor Tom spent more time trying to fix that vacuum than he did decorating the tree. (I guess I should be grateful that someone was willing to do the job by hand if all else failed)

Then he wanted to put on the decorations with me, however he was confused. He would take the ornament stick his hand in the tree and just let go, never ever occured to him to try to hook it on a branch. So he became the "runner". I gave him the ornament, he gave it to Daddy.
If you have a repatative job you are dreading I suggest you find a two year old.

Last but not least Isabella, let me first say that from the start of the day, way back before we even got the tree, this child was simply discontent with everything we were doing.

We were eating breakfast, she wanted to go.
We were at the tree farm petting the dog, she wanted to get the tree.
We were hunting for the tree, she wanted to go back and see the dog.
When she said " I wanna go home, I'm cold." I nearly lost it.
Don't act like you haven't been there.
On this went until we were putting up lights, when she begged and asked and begged for us to turn them on please please please.....
When we were finally putting up the decorations I was trying to explain to her what they were,
Isabella's First Christmas
Mommy and Daddy's First married Christmas
Great Grandpa Brugere's VERY old hand decorated ornament....

That was when all the stress of the day fell away a little, and I was a bit humbled by my inability to see the big picture.
This is the only Christmas we get for sure.
Think about it, we are not necessarily going to be here next year or even next week.
Chances are we will.... but what if?
Would you spend more time at the mall? Look harder for the perfect gift?
Buy them more toys? No... you would spend time and make memories.

All the ornaments were really just reminders of all the memories. 
I remember the first year we were married we couldn't even afford to buy a First Christmas ornament for ourselves. So I wrote our names and the date on a cheap silver ball... and now it is my favorite. 
Isabella and Tommy's First ever ornaments, a pink quilt and a stork carrying a blue bundle, and this year we will add Daniels. 
My first Christmas ornament, I can picture my mom telling me about it every year.
My husbands Grandfather, his namesake, who I never got to meet. We have been given his ornament that he made when he was just eight years old. It has seen countless memories made from its perch at the very top of the tree.

   I'm going to try harder this year not to forget the reason for Christmas. Not to let it get lost in the shopping mall, the parties and commitments, or the tantrums we deal with day to day. 
Its all about God, coming here to show us his love, his heart for his creation. Putting his plan into motion that night in Bethlehem. A plan to one day bring His children home for good.

Isaiah 12:2  Surely God is my salvation;
                   I will trust and not be afraid.
                   The Lord, the Lord, is my strength and my song;
                   he has become my salvation.”