Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking back to look ahead

Two years ago tonight I was laying in a hospital bed awaiting the birth of my second child,  my first son, my sweet Tommy.
Here he is only a few minutes old (and already I could tell he was gifted :)

I can't imagine that it has been two years, I feel like I blinked and here I am.
I want to rewind and do it all again, I want to go back to that hospital room on that very snowy morning and hold that warm little body on my chest again, and smell him, and feel his fuzzy little head on my cheek.
I want to relive all his firsts, 
I want to watch him meeting his big sister for the first time.
I want to see him on his first Christmas in his tiny little sweater vest.
I want to watch him scoot around the living room on his belly.
I want to watch him in the pool with his Pap for his first swim.
I want to see him dig into that first birthday cake just once more.

But if I could go back I would miss this Tommy....

Our Little Man, who makes us laugh almost constantly.
His open-mouthed kisses (with sound effects) are a vital part of my daily routine.
Watching him dance is better than anything on TV.
Waking up to his voice calling me Mama is almost enough to make me forget how early it is.

I can't go back and I can't stay here either, but I can write it all down so that someday when two years has turned into twenty I can look back and savor all these sweet and fleeting moments just once more.

Happy Birthday Little Man! I thank God everyday that you are ours!

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